What to do?

After our current president was elected I felt really really bad. I was angry and disappointed and confused.

Now that our president is in office, I feel even worse.

The ‘Muslim Ban’ is tyrannical and is the most disgusting act I have seen an American president do in my lifetime.

Some of the kindest and most intelligent, hard-working, ethical people I know are from countries where the predominant religion is Islam.

At the company I work for, over half of my co-workers were not born here in America. I am proud and honored to work alongside such a diverse group of people.

Working in the Bay Area, I am part of the highest concentration of population that make up country’s largest economic sector – technology. Imagine if the websites of all the companies who employed immigrants shut down for a day. The internet would break.

I am humbled at the enormity of the impact this would have on the world.

Given the bubbles we live in, I am assuming that If you are reading this, you share my sentiments.

So for the million dollar question… what can I as an individual do?

The only good answer I’ve heard to this question is… just do something.

Do not let this question plague you to inaction.

Do not think that the impact of what you do as an individual is insignificant.

No, you may not be able to single-handedly make sweeping policy changes that lead the world to a better place, but you can do something.

Write. Talk. March. Call. Volunteer. Donate. Email. Petition.


Here are some concrete ways to get involved:

https://5calls.org // 5 people to call regarding issues you care about

https://dailyaction.org/ // one text a day on something you can do

https://www.aclu.org/ // donate to the ACLU

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