Huaraz Heaven

We were greeted at the Huaraz bus station upon our arrival at 6:30 am by our Inkaland Treks tour guide, Edita. She took us to our hostel where we had time for a shower and breakfast.To our delight, El Jacal guesthouse was paradise compared to our previous Loki hostel. Loki reeked of hangover, mistakes, and regret. And the communal bathrooms… I will spare you the details. On the contrary, El Jacal was quaint and we had a room and bathroom with freshly laundered towels all to ourselves on the 3rd floor, overlooking the rooftops of Huaraz with mountain ranges spanning as far as we could  see.

Breakfast was served on the terrace on the rooftop, in a room with three walls of windows. Fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh non-instant coffee, eggs cooked to order, and fresh bread with real butter and jam. All for $15/night!!

As soon as we set our bags down we said, let’s stay here an extra night. 

We changed our bus ticket so that we would have 3 full days in Huaraz and only one day (no nights) in Lima.

Edita took us to Llaca valley, and on a hike to the alpine Llaca Laguna. With our leg muscles bulging from our Salkantay trek in which we hiked from dawn until dusk, we practically pranced up the mere “hills” of the Huaraz valley. I think edita expected us to take a bit longer, and Sarah and I expected a bit more of a challenging hike, but we were more than willing to spend the rest of the day relaxing. Even with our car getting a flat tire, we made it back to home sweet home by 3pm.

On Tuesday, our second day in Huaraz, we decided to take it real easy. I’m talking sleeping in until 9, lounging after breakfast with books, writing, and afternoon massages. Girls will be girls. 

With no work and no social obligations, there is so much time in the day! 

On Wednesday we were back at it, on a hike to the coveted Laguna 69 (the Lakes each have a number attached to their name). Again, with our massaged glistening calves, we pranced up to it and back down, not realizing how far ahead we were of the group. It was stunning, I’ve never seen natural water this color – a pure and vibrant turquoise with glacial mountains enveloping it. Finishing the hike was bitter sweet because it was our last one in Peru! And we have been having such a wonderful time trekking our tuckuses off! 

Tonight we go back to Lima on the overnight bus and then have a day to stroll around before Sarah continues her journey onto Mexico and I head home. 

It’s been a real good one. Two thumbs up for Sarah and two thumbs up for Peru!

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