The Peruvian Adventures Begin!

The travels through Peru have begun!I arrived safely in middle of the night on Saturday to dragonfly hostel in Lima.

Despite how quiet I tried to be, I woke Sarah and she gave me a sleepy greeting.

After a solid night sleep I woke to breakfast of Peruvian crepes with dulce de leche and a side of popped corn cereal and yogurt to top it off.

Sarah and I strolled along the walkway that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. I was quite pleased with the flowers, the well trained off leash dogs, and the runners!

We stocked up on snacks from the grocery store and made it back to the hostel just in time to share a cab with another couple of people going to the domestic airport. Oh how the camaraderie blossoms among strangers in a foreign country! 

The hour flight to cusco left us enough time to check in to our hostel and take an early evening stroll to the main square. There was some type of street fair going on with street performers dancing to the ubiquitous Michael Jackson. The streets smell of fresh popped popcorn and are lined with Peruvians selling alpaca chatchquis. We walked through some craft markets that were closing.

Sarah is wonderful to travel with, as she has a calm cool confident air and is interested in exploring it all! We wandered through the alleys surrounding the main square until we were beckoned inside a tiny little restaurant by a Peruvian woman. She gave us vegetable soup, tea, and papas smothered in a yellow sauce, and a Peruvian burrito with crepe for the tortilla and excellently spiced vegetables. For dessert we treated ourselves to chocolate ice cream bars from a market on the way back to the hostel. Ice cream may be the most wonderful thing in the entire world that is consistently available in the tiniest of markets in the most remote of villages all over the world.

Unbeknownst to Sarah and I at the time of booking our stay, Loki Hostel is reputed to be “the party hostel”. True to it, upon out return at 8:30pm, the bar was packed, the booze was flowing, and the music was bumping. The bartenders were Caucasian men dressed in drag, as every Sunday is “ladies night”. We started with a beer to share and I was given the cap to throw into a bucket hung near the ceiling. I made it and gave the complimentary victory shot to Sarah. 

We made a couple friends, Rick and Collin from Minnesota. Upon hearing we were from San Francisco, they were very excited to show us pictures of them posing as a couple at a jungle overlook. They were nice and after another beer, we called it a night. 

It’s Monday morning and oh yes does it feel good to be in Cusco. 

Pictures to soon follow…

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