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Welcome to 2016

It is time to shake them cobwebs off and start expressing myself through this internets once again. I’m feeling a little rusty, but it’s nice to be back.


It’s a new year. In many ways I wake up on January 1st, and it feels just like any other day. Yet I can’t deny that it’s a nice reference point each year,  and with that, I like to set a tone for the year.

I’ve found that having a “motto” is a little catchier than having a “resolution”.

What is the difference between a motto and a resolution? It’s delicate, yet significant. A resolution entails aiming to change one’s way of life, whereas a motto is more of a theme to focus your existing way of life.

For example, a resolution is often an improvement that implies that something isn’t good enough – i.e. to be healthier. While I in no way intend to discourage self-reflection and striving for self-improvement, I respond better to positive reinforcement rather than negative. #millenial

Some items of note regarding the motto of this year… I just turned 25 years old – a quarter of a century!

My grandma has told me since I was four years old that my window to get married is of the age 25 – 30. Anything younger, and I don’t know enough yet. Anything older and it’s just too old.

Though it seems to be a bit of an antiquated mindset, I cannot deny that grandma knows best.

Thus, my motto this year is “In the Window”.

Let me be clear: my motto does not entail that my goal is to get married this year. Rather, my motto is an homage to my grandmother’s wisdom, but I am giving it my own modern interpretive twist.

This year’s motto is not as aggressive as a call to action – such as saying “seize the day”. Rather it is a call for awareness of the windows of opportunities that come and go.

Last year my motto was more rigid – it was “don’t rock the boat”. It was a call to action, (or lack there0f).

Being mindful of being “in the window” does not necessarily entail that I must say Yes or No to whatever I am in the window for. For whatever it’s worth, I acknowledge that yes, there is a window, and I am in it.


What’s yer motto?

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