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Houston’s Top 10

Jac’s Picks of Houston’s Best Offerings

For all them yeller-bellied liberals in California who have no idea what is in Houston, here are my favorites: 

1. Thunderstorms: Almost daily a thunderstorm rolls through. It’s incredible. Take a minute of your day to sit on the balcony and watch the lightning flash and hear thunder follow. 

2. Southern Hospitality: This is not a myth. The men here are gentlemen, and the women here are ladies. Critique societal gender roles as you may, but there is something to be said for traditional properness. There is not an air of pretentiousness, but rather a welcoming air. 

3. Outdoor Sculptures: They can be found in parks, on medians in the street, block corners, and in hidden nooks and crannies. They are always a treat to stumble upon. 

4. Art Museums: Houston has a world class art scene. The Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel, and Museum of Fine Arts to name just a few. 

5. Landscaped Yards: Houston is a subtropical climate, and there are beautiful flowers, trees, and yards. Everything grows and is alive. This attracts a huge diversity of bird species – a balanced and healthy ecosystem to admire. 

6. Dogs: Everyone has a dog! At least one! 

7. Outdoor Patios: There is room here for nearly every restaurant and bar to have an open-air patio, where you can lounge, bring your dog, and relax. Look for the Ice Houses, which are open-air beer joints (think of a cross between a saloon and a convenience store). 

8. The Food: It is really. really. good. You can find good food in any city, but wow – it’s difficult to go wrong anywhere here. The Taco Trucks, the Barbeque, the Cajun, the Americana. It’s all gravy baby. My favorites include: Brasil Cafe, La Tapatia, and the Food Trucks surrounding the West Alabama Ice House. Oh, and have you heard of Whataburger? 

9. Pool Parties: Yep, it’s hot in Houston. However, you can make up for this with the unlimited pool access (make friends if you don’t have one!). Bring your babes, you beach balls, and a few burgers and you can call that paradise. 

10. Living Walking Distance from Whole Foods: Ok, not everyone in Houston enjoys this luxury. But I am blessed to enjoy this. Who needs a refrigerator when you have that glorious grocery store on the same block?!

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