India: The Colorful South

Thank you ‘Nelan’

Nelan is the name of the wifi I was able to briefly connect to at the Goa airport as we waited for our delayed flight. Whoever you are, THANK YOU NELAN!!! Albeit our time together was short, it was oh so sweet, enabling me to reach out to the world.

I would like to note that about an hour after my last post that I wrote, Uncle David and Aunt Shanon showed up at the beach – two glowing beacons of light, angels from heaven. I have never been happier to see them, and be in their safe company.

We actually had a really wonderful rest of the day – a delicious lunch, and an even better dinner at a nearby hotel called Sur la mer. Recommended by friends of friends of David and Shanon, it was just awarded the number one boutique hotel in India. The ambiance was perfect – dire straits and then pink Floyd in the background – and a menu featuring a goat cheese salad (salad!) and the best chocolate fondant dessert I’ve ever had. Yes, it was the best meal in India, and that is quite the praise as we have been feasting as kings and queens at every meal here. The things we do between the meals are more of time killers until we eat again.

Today we woke and are in the midst of traveling to Mumbai. Two nights in Mumbai and then I head to Thailand! I’m very excited to be continuing on, and hopefully will be able to post again soon. Love from the east side, J.



Riding in the back of the taxi to Sur la mer, and then our wonderful dinner

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