India: The Colorful South

The universal: Duck, Duck, Goose!

Pardon the short blog with limited introspection, but I would like to document today with photos: the morning was spent exploring a temple, walking through a village and seeing how a sitar is made by hand.




Most of what happens looks like this:


In the afternoon we visited a nearby orphanage that the trip sponsors through the Grand Circle Foundation. The kids were an absolute joy to be with – they were all happy and laughing the entire time! We all brought gifts to give to them – I brought pens, grandma and Elmira brought a bunch of plastic balls, and David and Shanon brought a meal for every one there. We all showed them how our cameras worked, and one boy in particular loved my iPhone. He walked away with it and must have taken 200 pictures of everyone! We did the hokey pokey, ring around the Rosie, and everyone’s favorite – duck, duck, goose. The experience made me really excited for my assignment with Youth Development for Peace Corps. The laughter and playfulness of children is contagious, and these few hours were definitely a highlight of the trip so far.






I may not have Internet for the next few days, so until the next blog post, know that I am eating enormous amounts of deliciously spiced food, probably looking at a lot of temples, and following the swimming pool rules:


One thought on “The universal: Duck, Duck, Goose!

  1. love your photos and seeing how the trip to India is going, friend of David’s and hope to meet Shannon soon!

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