2013 – What does it matter?

The New Year is upon us – and I find myself doing the whole reflection and resolution thing. You know how it goes… ’tis the season!

I’m happy to report, I’m feeling good, ya know? Reflecting upon my life, I can say, “So far so good!” or, “Not Bad!” And looking to the future, I am thinking, “Cool!”

There is one thing I have been working on my entire life, and that is I am continually trying to be more patient, compassionate, understanding, etc. You know, just be a better person.

But this year, my reflections have differed from all other years. I realize that I let a lot of things bother me, that really shouldn’t bother me – at least to the extent that I am moved to feel this passionate “bothered” feeling. It is usually something minor – you know, like people not using their indicator when turning, others leaving the lights on when they leave the room, people running late, etc. Sure, these may be things that I self-righteously believe to be fundamentally and morally offensive to myself and the world, but hey. The aforementioned things are little on the grand scheme of things.

There are larger things too that bother me, like not enjoying my job at Revolution Foods, etc. (I would like to withhold further comment in case future or previous employers are reading this).

But then I realized… I AM THE PROBLEM. I am the problem because I am the one who becomes bothered. Sure, the other actions are catalysts to my reaction, but therein lies the answer. It is my reaction that is “bothered” and thus makes me upset.

And this is fantastic news! Because now I am in control – I’m in the driver’s seat. I can’t indicate for other people who are turning, but I can not be bothered by these little things!

This may seem like innate intuitive knowledge to many of you reading this, but this is like, a major realization that I actually believe that I could choose to not by bothered by things that I used to think were bothersome. I thought reactions just happened, ya know? Like whoa, there it goes again. But NO. Reactions can be controlled.

So here’s my motto for 2013. To help with the whole non-bothered thing.

2013: What does it matter?

Not in the nihilistic, suicidal way. Just the calm way.


Here are some other mottos of my friends:

Ari: 2013 – “Setting the bar low”

Raphaela: 2013 – “Unchained”

Ari’s Friend who’s name starts with a C that we saw at Dolores Park Cafe, but who’s name I have suddenly forgotten: 2013 – “Sexy Year”

The owner of the French restaurant, Castagna, that my parents took me to dinner at last night: 2013 – “Make it Happen”

And when I explained my motto was “What does it matter”. He said in his thick French accent, “Ah yes, because there will be another year.”

The French. They’re so good.




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