Le Salon

Le Salon III: Grace

Last night (on Dec 12… posted this a bit later than when I originally drafted it) a room of people gathered for the third monthly salon, to discuss ‘Grace’. This is what I remember unfolding:

Jeremy led the topic, and asked everyone to take note of something they thought of as graceful in the days leading up to the salon. Here we’re some of the replies (not in temporal order of our conversation):
Brandon Crawford playing shortstop for the Giants: making something so complicated looking so easy and smooth and fluid:
– the mastery of a skill. The repetition of a task
– the process of getting to the state of grace
– a quality that cannot be verbalized, but is recognized

Other tangents…
– Wrestling, ju-jitzuh, yoga, ballerinas
– graceful is knowing the space surrounding the world
– awareness of yourself in relation to others and the world
– control at every moment: to be able to pause at any point in a yoga pose and to be balanced

Godliness – god gives grace (mercy?)
We say grace – grace can be singing and praising and being appreciative loudly and raucously
-as grace cannot be verbalized, godliness cannot be put into words. Though one may not think of god when seeing Brandon Crawford play shortstop, like godliness the grace cannot be put into words. The relationship between both of these qualities and their non verbalness?

-Adam and eve

Socially graceful:
– quitting with grace: respectfully, fulfilling responsibilities, patience,
Grace can be being dishonest, withholding in speech and actions
Juxtaposed to being fluid and open and uninhibited

Being graceful when doing inherently ungraceful acts:
-falling with flourish, or falling and falling so hard
– belly flops into a pool

Being graceful in socially disgraced acts:
Murder – in fictional works – The Stranger, Crime and Punishment

Grace as a means to discover truth

Grace has a positive connotation – the importance of it in our lives. Recognizing grace in our lives.

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