Well there you have it.

I have joined the ranks of the unemployed as of Monday eve.

I was working for an Ed-Tech start-up that just didn’t have the funding to keep everyone on board. They kept 6 of 10 people, all who had higher degrees in education, as they needed to move more towards direct consulting than a mere online platform.

My initial reaction? Disappointment, yes of course. But even more so, I was just surprised. 

I was thanked for my work, and ensured I would receive nothing but positive references. And that was that. My e-mail account and all that goes with it was immediately deactivated.

So it goes.

Three days have gone by and I must admit, it isn’t so bad ya know?

Mentally, I have processed my brief stint of employment like so: that job was not a huge part of my identity or my life goals. My passion is not education technology; I fell into this position at the end of August after a brief skim through a few Craigslist job postings. As quickly as I was hired, I was let go. #easycomeeasygo #startuplyfe

When I was deciding if I should take this job or go back to school, everyone was encouraging the job route. Except one. And that person said it seems like my sole motivation for taking the job is that it’s better than the last one I had. To be honest, that was so true – it was the best job I’ve ever had – best work environment, nicest/smartest people, interesting mission, etc. But that motivating factor is not good enough in and of itself; in the future I want to be more thoughtful about the job I choose – I don’t want my next job to merely be “better than the last one”. 

Furthermore, when continuing to be honest with myself, I was not necessary to the success of the company. No doubt, I did valuable and appreciated work, but as Customer Success Manager, my responsibilities are easily delegated to others. The CEO projected/expected/hoped for many more customers than what actually materialized. And thus, with few customers to successfully manage, my position was rather obsolete.


So the big question: what now?

Well, here’s an account of my week thus far:

Tuesday – hang out with courtney’s cats, drink coffee, bike to farmers market, have lunch, hang out, go to a cafe & update resume, go to yoga, go home & make dinner for some housemates, play our new arcade game console word dojo.

Wednesday – Run in the rain, clean out refrigerator, do laundry, sew Ari’s pants, take Ari’s computer to get fixed while waiting for clothes to dry, go to Kaiser to get meds for India/bloodwork to determine vaccines, go to a cafe with Altay and begin learning HTML through Codecademy, eat dinner, hang out with housemates at home.

Thursday – drink coffee, play rock band: drum training mode (official new motto I live by: WWAD = What Would Altay Do?), go back to Kaiser to get vaccines, meet up with friends for lunch, finish my HTML course, head to Berkeley for yoga, and hang out at new cafe and blog. 

Like seriously, where does the time go?! How did I have time to even live when I had a job?!?!?

The timing is a bit interesting… I’m going to India from Jan 10- Feb 10, so it doesn’t really make sense to apply to jobs until I return. Also, I think I need some time to reset my intentions with future employment and what not. 

So here’s what’s on tap for the next month:

1. Wisdom teeth removal (srsly have been putting this off for 3 years now)

2. Learn to code. HTML: check. next up: CSS. next up: WWAD

3. Run & Yoga 

4. Run errands for other people #karma #gotnothingbettertodo #needasenseofpurpose #livingvicariouslythroughothers 

5. Dominate rock band – drum training mode.

When my dad was laid off a few years ago, he spent the first few months destroying every level of every song on Guitar Hero. He even managed to pass Free Bird on expert. #likefatherlikedaughter


3 thoughts on “#Funemployment

  1. Sup girl. Give to others around you and you will receive in return. Better yet, help awesome people around you succeed in ways you want to succeed, and you will learn from them and they will help you. 🙂 India? Nice!

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