Tahoe Reunion

What happens when you live in a co-op with 150 people for 3 years?

You find a group of best friends and then everyone falls in love and you spend the rest of your life reuniting in beautiful places:

Tahoe Reunion: Featuring…

8 people. 1 bathroom. 1 bedroom apartment.

100 pancakes, 2 gallons of oatmeal, 3 wheels of cheese, 2 boxes of crackers, 1 loaf of bread.

Mulled wine, Sake Bombs, too much Tecate.

Hike the Baywatch trail, snowball fights ensue, David and Peter don’t doubt the dip at 8,000 ft elevation. Everyone else doubts it.

Nick spends the better part of a day through rocks and rolling a tree stump into the lake, while all observe in awe. He then lures all but Peter, Erika, and Jac to help him knock down a dead tree snagged on another. See video: This Tree Must Fall. Seriously, a must watch. Peter and Jac remain absorbed in chess, while Erika monitors the clock.

Eat at Artemis, Pablo’s favorite local spot, Greek food galore, perfectly spiced fries, huge pita wraps, kabobs, stuffed to the max.

Buy beer at CVS, and while Peter deliberates over which toothbrush to buy, the cars pull around the corner. 10 minutes later he exits CVS, conditioner(?) in hand. Friends’ cars remain unseeen by the lollogagger. The suspense of abandonment carries on for 2 minutes and then we honk. WE GOT HIM!!!

Back at Pabs’ casita, brrr-uhatas are opened, and the jumbo-sized-truth-or-dare-jenga begins. Pablo is involved in multiple body shots, lap dances, and clothing swaps, while Peter has sneaked in intentional questions that Kate happens to get each turn.

Jac pulls a slip to squeeze in a 15-minute power nap, entering the zone for a big night at the black jack tables.

Walk to Harrah’s and another world is entered. Lights flashing, music blasting. Black Jack for Jac with bottomless Diet Coke, Poker for Pabs, and Penny slots for the rest of the gang. 2 hours disappear, and the aftermath: Jac is up $20. Pabs is up too. David even won $4. Lion hat with mittens attached is purchased from 7-eleven on the way home, the prize Jac claimed on the way to the casino.

Sunday morning awakens, more pancakes, more oatmeal, balanced with a serene walk to the lake.

Scrabble for some, chess for others, Erika finishes 1Q84 – the product of months of strife.

Kate lies by the wayside, wallowing in a head cold. Others jump on her.

Peter pees in the sand.


Weekend accomplished.

Love for days,



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