Joshua Tree

I meant to post this Jan 8, 2011.

Better late than never?







Jan 3 – drive to Santa Barbara with Tyler to kates house. Arrive at midnight to kates dad awakening from a deep slumber where he pretends to watch discovery channel, despite being asleep for hours.
Jan 4 – drive to Joshua Tree, arrive at the parking lot where we were to meet our friends. Surprisingly, they were there! We hike a little and split into two groups – the hikers and the climbers. I joined climber group and donned my new purple climbing shoes. First tried traversing, then warmed up to a heel hook, attempted to dino, and then I was tired. My puny dweeby itty bitty pathetic noodle forearms were no match for the raw, rugged boulders towering above me. Humbling to say the least, but I loved the challenge. Drove to a viewpoint to watch the sunset, and then hastily drove to the house we rented. The evening was full of giggles as we ate burritos, played a combination game of kings cup and humdingers from cranium, soaked in the jacuzzi and then slept the night away, lining the room wall to wall with bodies in sleeping bags.
Jan 5 –  went on a hike through a valley called wonderland where we spent most of our time destroying any ice in our path. Eric even broke a thin piece of ice shaped like California over my head. All the other ice was smashed to smithereens by slamming it on rocks. You could call it barbaric… even neandertholian… but hey, when in Rome! Scrambled over lots of cool rocks, Kate closed her eyes for the walk all the way back and used my and Tylers voice as guidace. The two mottos of the day were follow the wash and destroy. Once we were back at the house we feasted on pasta and watched the movie “a fish called wanda”. Pretty funny.
Jan 6 – drive back to Berkeley.

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