New Zealand Or Bust

In Kaikoura

Internet access is more limited as we get closer to Christchurch (chch).

I wrote a whole blog on my phone but can’t connect to publish, so here’s just a snippet.

Wednesday: Took ferry to picton, rode bikes to Blenheim, stayed with young fam via warmshowers.

Thursday: Rode 70km to beach in Kerakinga? I don’t remember the name, but i don’t know where we are most of the time anyways. Wonderful beach. committed to going to ChCh, as we are on the east coast instead of west coast.

Friday: Decided to make a ChCh relief fund and collect money as we go. Rode 60km to Kaikoura, where it was PO URING. stayed in a backpacker’s hostel, and got a few donations! Also set up a paypal account, so if you would like to donate, you can send money via paypal to 100% of proceeds go to supplies and food for victims.

The mood of the trip has changed a lot since we first started… as we get closer to ChCh it gets more somber. I have mixed feelings, but will write more at another time. Part of me wants to help and sees this as an opportunity since I have no agenda other than to ride around here, but another part of me doesn’t know how I will be able to help or what difference it will make. But, unless the roads are closed we will be heading South.

2 thoughts on “In Kaikoura

  1. Agent Cooper-izing your dreamscape with only the best wishes of great pie and fantastic scenery for you guys as you start to make your way back up the island(s). Thanks for being so inspirational!

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