New Zealand Or Bust

To Wellington!

Thursday: the bus from Taupo to Napier was a little late because it broke down on the way to Taupo. Being dependent on vehicular transportation made me realize how much I love being able to ride my bike through this country. And once we made it to Napier I realized that the best part of this trip has been hanging out at the little convenience stores (called “a dairy” here) in towns along the way. Just relaxing on a bench eating a pb&j, and watching the world go by. In Napier we used warmshowers to find Graeme and Robyn, a couple who hosted us for the night. Once again we were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity complete strangers gave us. We were so grateful for their hospitality, especially at such short notice! They gave us a bed to sleep in, a nice bathroom, and introduced us to our new favorite drink: MILO!!!! Aka hot chocolate, but with more vitamins and protein! We had a good night sleep and woke up to a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, Yummmy. Maybe I spend too much time talking about what I’ve been eating but it is what we spend the majority of our time doing… we are biking, eating, and sleeping machines.
Friday: well fed and well rested, David and I were excited to be back on the road. We rode 120km (about 70mi) to dannevirke. Most of the ride was on the main road, where we kept passing and being passed by a relay team of runners running to Wellington and raising money for cancer. It was fun to hoot and holla and cheer for them and vice versa.  The last 40km we took a side route through fields and fields and fields of farmland. Beautiful scenery with just a few cars was so pleasant. When we ride by grazing animals, all the cows and horses look up and stare at us and all the little lambs and sheep stampede away as we ride by. I LOVE it when all the lambs RUN!!! And right as we joined back up on the main road the runners were there!!!! Talk about perfect timing. In dannevirke we stopped in McDonald’s to use their free WiFi – the ONLY place in NZ with free WiFi so it has become somewhat of a haven, with their golden arches and clean bathrooms. But this time it was different; I broke down and bought a large fries and chocolate muffin from the McCafe – the first McDonald’s product I have consumed in like 6 years. It was so delicious… even better than I remember it. The salty salty fries dipped in salty salty bbq sauce and ketchup. Just what I needed to restore electrolytes! Then we stealth camped at a scenic reserve, which is basically just a tiny little patch of grass and dirt off a side road.
Saturday: David and I woke up, ate our oatmeal for breakfast and were on the road again. We took a side road in the beginning, very similar to the one the day before. Just us and the farm animals… we stopped in a little town, set on getting a scoop of ice cream at a little dairy. The woman serving us ice cream gave us the most MASSIVE one scoop of ice cream I have ever eaten. It was like 6 scoops. So good. Then we ate pb+j, but David has been following a meal with another sandwich… the most disgusting sandwich I have ever seen. Bread with gobs of olivite (basically margarine), heaps of crushed garlic, and a can of sardines. He even said that any normal man would puke after eating it but not him… famous last words. When David says at least the weather is nice, the rain clouds instantly appear. When David says at least we have a lot of daylight left, night comes out of nowhere. When David says at least there are no bugs here, bug bites instantly appear. When David says at least the bug bites aren’t itchy, we instantly itch everywhere. So when David said over and over real men don’t puke. USA! USA! I was worried…
We rode on, eager to get to masterton to catch the last train of the day to Wellington. The only thing we stopped for was 3 hedgehogs we found on the side of the road! We were worried they were going to get run over by cars and they looked so terrified all curled up in a ball and so cute!!! We picked them up in our towels and brought them over to the fence a few yards away. Just doing our civic duty. We arrived in masterton unfortunately too late for the train, so we set up camp at a nearby mobile home park. We thought it was free for just tents, but alas, we had to pay $20. The cheapest camping weve found so far, but still… too expensive. It was the first night we paid for camping our entire trip! We ate a hot dinner of beans and went to bed. I awoke a couple hours later to David deliriously mumbling and saying he felt sick. He stumbled away and I heard him call my name and I found him half way between our tent and the bathrooms, kneeled over a curb yaking. I’ll spare you all the details but you can imagine… poor David. A night of food poisoning is no fun. It may have been the olivite, it may have been the sardines, or it may have been that he had vanilla ice cream and I had chocolate. Either way, he is all better now, sleeping like a little angel. We will be taking the train to Wellington this afternoon, where we will be hosted by Gary through warmshowers. Hip hip hooray!

3 thoughts on “To Wellington!

  1. Well well well. It looks like Jacqueline Sloves has been blogging about sicko over here: yours truly, numero uno, that’s me David Wild. It’s true though I admit. After eating heaps of disgusting items, I chanted as we road 50kmph down hill “USA USA! REAL MEN DON’T PUKE! USA MEN DON’T PUKE! I HAVE INTESTINES OF STEEL BABY! USA USA…[etc]” And that is what I think set it off.
    NOTE: I’m not all better. I still would like your international sympathy. I slept all day and couldn’t ride my bike up a hill. I’m weak and achy and I cried a couple times today. Real men don’t hide their cry sessions. WE COMMENT ON BLOGS ABOUT THEM!

    I just want you to know that I’m not “all better” as JS says. She often downplays my distress.

    In tears, sincerely yours, D. WILD

  2. So the adventure continues! How did you know the hedgehogs were actually hedgehogs? It’s not something we generally see milling around Fremont. And how did you know that they needed to be picked up and moved? How did you know they were scared? I mean, my only experience with hedgehogs has been Sonic the Hedgehog which led me to believe that hedgehogs are fast which it sounds like these NZ hedgehogs were not – fast, that is. P.S. Although sardines might be one of these cancer fighting foods that you find on a cancer-fighting-foods list, I didn’t think anyone actually ate them…

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