New Zealand Or Bust

We Love The Greens!!!!

What exactly are the greens we love, you may be asking yourself… it could be any number of things: the luscious grass of the farmland paddocks we ride pass every day, it could be the miles of pine trees lining the hills, it could be the endless avocados we have been eating, however this is not the greens I speak of. Though I LOVE all of the aforementioned green things, The Greens I speak of that trump all other things is the family who took us in the past two nights – Helen, Dave, Russell, and Logan along with their dog Sandy and three chickens. They told us endless stories, taught us New Zealand lingo I.e. togs = bathing suit and fanny is a dirty word so we should refer to our f packs as bum bags.
On Tuesday they dropped us off in the city center and we went to Mount Monganui, where there was a beautiful view of the ocean and city of Tauranga. Then we went swimming in the ocean where the waves would come from the ocean and roll back from the shore, colliding in an explosion of water we named WATER WALLS. WATER WALLS ROCK!!! They are really fun to get caught in. Then we walked around the shops for a while and had a nice relaxing lunch. Or first day not on the bikes felt great. The Greens made us huuuuge feasts for dinner – a bbq on Monday night with fresh fruit from their orchard, and a delicious frutada Tuesday night topped off with a homemade lemon mirangue pie and whipped cream! Helen and Dave were amazing cooks; I even tried a few bites of meat they bbq’d, and it was phenomenal. My stomach can only handle a little bit at a time but David made up for my shortcomings and practically ate an entire cow and chicken.
The two boys Russell and Logan, age 9 and 7 were the sweetest kids ever. They were taking turns pushing each other in a wheelbarrow and then suddenly dumping each other out down a little hill on their lawn. Logan helped mix the homemade guacamole we made, and would get the chickens out of the house when they got in. They helped David weigh his bum bags and decide which was heavier and should be mailed back. That’s right, believe it or not David and I mailed back a lot of stuff including his beloved boombox, the massive book infinite jest, and quite a few unnecessary clothes. Anyways, we were blown away by the hospitality and generosity of the Greens. They were truly wonderful.
Dave helped us plan out a route that was flat and uncrowded as possible, and Helen gave us a ride up a big hill yesterday so we could start out our ride on a nice long downhill. YES!!! We were very sad to leave, but knew more adventures lay ahead. After our day of rest at Mount Monganui on Tuesday, we rode 114km yesterday, our longest ride yet! About 70 miles, we made it to Taupo, which is a lot like Lake Tahoe. A massive, beautiful lake. We camped near a natural geothermal hot stream, which we swam in this morning. A magnificent start to the day! The water was so hot and so clean! There we met a woman from Switzerland who is touring all by herself! Wow! And yesterday we met a German family, with three kids – age 2, 4, and 6 who are cycle touring for 3 months! Insane!!!! Now we are hanging out, waiting for a bus this afternoon to take us back to the coast to Napier. We were warned that the road is really crowded, really up and down, and overall a really unpleasant bike ride which is why we are taking a bus.
So far we’ve been traveling with a really loose itinerary; our only real destination is South, and we don’t have much of a timeline. It’s surprisingly pleasant because its made our day to day riding schedule super flexible and relaxed. Even though we are working hard when we bike, not having a schedule definitely makes this feel like a vacation. Happy to report, we are
loooving it!

2 thoughts on “We Love The Greens!!!!

  1. Tonight I’ll dream while I’m in bed
    when silly thoughts go through my head
    about the bugs and alphabet
    and when I wake tomorrow I’ll bet
    that you and I will walk together again
    I can tell that we are gonna be friends
    Yes, I can tell that we are gonna be friends

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