New Zealand Or Bust

Paradise Found!!

Day 3, Sunday Feb 13: David and I departed from the dairy farm in Miranda and headed to Waihi beach. We stopped for smoothie and blt (smoothie is my nz food of choice and blt is Davids) in a cute town Ngatea, out of farmland. We then went through the Katagawaki Gorge which was insanely beautiful but insanely terrifying. There was hardly a shoulder, a lot of cars, a lot of winds and windy hills, and big trucks passing us. It made it hard to appreciate the beauty because I was gripping my handlebars so tightly and only looking at the white line in front of me. But once we made it through the gorge it was all downhill on a smoooth road to waihi beach. Aka PARADISE FOUND!! Featuring 9km of white sand beaches, gentle waves of the pacific, water temp at a refreshing 70 degrees, and so many sea shells.
We took a dip in the ocean before setting up camp at a hidden spot amongst the trees a local dude told us about. We were the only ones there, up the hill above the waves in an arena of jungle. Top ramen noodles for dinner under a bright half full moon made for a wonderful end to the day.

Mon, Feb 14: Waking up to another dip in the ocean, and then on our way to tauranga, which is where the family who has an avocado orchard and 2 cheeky little boys lives; we met them biking through big sur. Currently relaxing in a little town called katikati eating pb & j.

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