New Zealand Or Bust

Big Sur and Beyond!! to SLO

Yesterday we went from Monterey to Kirk Creek in Big Sur. It was a 60 mile day through quite a HILL HOLE! Jeez le weez, I knew I was in for a rough one when right out of the gates of our Veterans Memorial campsite in Monterey I was going so slowly up a hill that I slipped and fell! No injuries except my pride. I had a little bit of a breakdown and realized that I was a little more tired than I thought I was… or letting myself think I was. My body felt fine, but starting out the day rough was mentally exhausting.
But once we were on the road I got into my groove, and the beauty of the California coast is SO Beautiful. B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!! Riding my bike up and down the hills feels like I am the driver and passenger in a car; I’m concentrating on the road and steering the bike the way the driver of a car has to, but have looots of time to take in the view – like the passenger. Yes, these are things I think about during all this time… “when will this hill end, is this fun? What is fun? this is so beautiful, when will this hill end, i wish david would stop saying the hill is going to end just around this bend every time there is a bend in the road, i’m hungry, i can’t wait to eat a clif bar, this clif bar is so delicious, i’m thirsty, flowers are so pretty, DOG in the back of a truck!, look at that big bird – is it a hawk? turkey vulture? ah, what’s the difference?, how ironic that we’re biking but on the same roads that cars drive on, all transportation needs roads, roads: physical communication::synapsis firing:brain activity communication:: internet pathways::e-mail communication ::satellite orbits:cellular devices, only a cople hours til sunset, i love UPS trucks, I LOVE GOING DOWNHILL, my helmet is too tight” etc., etc.,
Back to logistics: camped at Kirk Creek last night, rested up, and did 80 miles to San Luis Obispo. Once we finished the last 20 miles of the HILL HOLE Big Sur, the next 60 miles to SLO was niiice pastureland with smooth rolling flatlands.
Regarding safety, I would like to inform you that David is HIGHLY concerned about safety. He has many lights, many many rechargeable through USB cord lights – he’s a FIREWORK!! and he is constantly telling me to tighten my helmet. He does many hand signals when he’s in front that at first I had no idea what he was trying to communicate (similar to my understanding of his words, even in normal conversation. DAH! jk) but I have deciphered that wiggly fingers means debris on the side of the road, fist behind the back means stop, and fist pump means he is having fun.
We have been eating RAVENOUSLY. Many CLIF bars, mucho Wasabi WOW! trail mix, PB&Js, iced coffees, avocados and bread, choco chip cookies from Rafael (THANK YOU). Once we made it to SLO tonight we met up with Brian McMahon (OUR SAVIOR – a dear friend from the leadership days in high school) at Pizza Solo and the workers accidentally messed up our pizza, so they gave us the mess-up and the correct pizza!! at NO charge!!! that’s the kind of hospitality I could get used to 😉
We have been making many friends along the way, and having many conversations that go as follow:
“Wow, that’s a loaded bike. Where ya going? where ya from?”
“Haha, yea. Going just a little further today, but final destination in LA. Coming from the Bay!”
“Wow, that’s a ride. Good luck to ya!”
“Thanks, bye!”
but one conversation we had with a nice looking family was along the lines of this:
“We’re from new zealand!”
“wow, we’re going there!”
“You should stay with us! We have an avocado orchard, and we’ll put you to work! And we’re a 5 minute walk to the most beautiful beach in new Zealand!”
“Yea, that’d be great!”
So that was AWESOME! A very good omen for our travels to New Zealand… people warned us… New Zealanders are niiice!
In terms of relations, I am happy to inform you that David and I are getting along swimmingly, unless he’s tightening my helmet or telling me to be careful. 🙂 But no biggie. We are sticking to our gender roles where he sets up/takes down the tent and I do the cooking when we’re camping. Making a GREAT TEAM!!!
Tomorrow should be a good ride – we’re debating if we should take a roundabout way, but get neverending bowl of Split Pea Anderson’s soup or keep going straight down the 1.
Stay tuned for the verdict!!!

Miles traveled so far: 265
Miles to go until LA: 200

Estimated time of arrival to Manhattan Beach: Monday night!

4 thoughts on “Big Sur and Beyond!! to SLO

    1. We’ve come full circle…only a select few (including Jackie in the womb) had the pleasure of experiencing a Sonic Youth Baby Shower!

  1. Glad everything is working out more or less as planned. Enjoy the weekend. Love to you and to Andrew’s family, Grandma Diane

  2. Oh my gosh, by the time you read this you’ll have made it to Manhattan Beach and hopefully have had a soak in the hot tub. Griffin was simple and yet profound in his suggestion to ride the bike to So Cal. What a great experience – not too hard, not too easy – and great scenery. It beats cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry (which is how I spent my Sunday but hey, I have a greater need for clean undies, uh, I mean socks). Well, say hello to Uncle Andrew and the fam. Don’t forget to leave the place neat and tidy next Monday. Not sure if Claudia or the others play Hearts, but maybe David can teach them the “smoke ’em out!” trick…

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