New Zealand Or Bust

Day 2: Santa Cruz to Monterey

After a hilly 70-miler yesterday, today was a breeeeezey geezey. Santa Cruz to Monterey is about 50 miles with a really smoooth, sweeet bike path with nice little roller hills, just long enough downhills that I would have enough momentum to make it up the next hill without too much difficulty. Biking is wooonderful, I am loving it. Big time. Especially when David’s boombox is bumpin sweet jams. My body feels great, hardly tired at all, which is a pleasant surprise. It’s like going on a really looong run but with wings so sometimes you don’t have to try very hard. I think bike touring is mostly about knowing where the bike paths are and having a looot of time. The pace we have been riding at feels really nice, too. We are going fast enough that I feel like I’m pushing it a little, but still at a conversational pace so I can go dawn til dusk. I would have liked to do even more miles today, but we got a little bit of a late start (1115 again) and wanted to set up camp before dark. Camp is set; I’m nice and cozy in a tent, after a delicious dinner of corn chowder and bread and avocado and tea and chocolate chip cookie. Mmmm. Until tomorrow!

One thought on “Day 2: Santa Cruz to Monterey

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