New Zealand Or Bust

And we’re off

Day 1:
Wake up time: 8am.
Depart time: 10am.
Bart board time: 10:20am
Begin riding from daly city time: 11:15
Lunch time: 1:30pm
End time in Santa Cruz: 6pm

430 miles to LA
96 Clif bars
70 miles completed
41.6 mph top speed
27 speed bike
10 mph avg
9 pairs of socks
8 Paneers
4 pb+js
2 bicycles
0 bars of soap

I would like to dedicate this ride to la to my little brother griffin. David and I were trying to figure out the cheapest way to fly to new Zealand (which is out of lax compared to sf) but we were struggling to figure out the logistics of getting our bikes down there… griffin, who was sitting on the couch next to me breezing through his math Hw, nonchalantly/sarcastically? Says “why don’t you just ride your bike there?”
And now… 3 weeks later I find myself riding my bike to la to fly to new Zealand. That boy has determined my future, so griffin: here’s to you.

After the first day of riding I’m feeling pretty good. A little tired and a little sore, but really really full. Dinner was 1 1/2 grilled cheeses from foster freeze (only $1 each on Monday!) ((Shout out to grandpa Matt for loving grilled cheeses)), nacho fries and bowl of coconut curry soup from Saturn cafe and a soy chocolate shake for dessert. Living la vids loca!!!

Riding down the coast of sunny California in January is unbelievable. Some of the hills are pretty killer, but speeding downhill makes it all worth it… the wind whipping past me, bringing droplets of water from the corner of my eyes, and blowing my cheeks backwards as I get low to the bike for maximum aero-dynamic efficiency. I want to take the brakes off, because they are just unnecessary… got the need for speed, bebe! Seriously though… this is the life.

2 thoughts on “And we’re off

  1. Glad that you are off to a great start. Did not realize that Griffin was your muse; did not know he even had it in him!

    Here’s a good one for you and David from the Grateful Dead. Nice sentiment for travelers.

    Franklin’s Tower:

    Luvya, Dad

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