Girls take pac-NW by storm

Sun, Jan 9. Day 1: Drive to Arcata, go to the sand dunes on the coast and engage in a battle of goblins vs sandmen, a game that Erika’s friends Calvin and Travis made up… once upon a time there was a colony of goblins that lived on the upper ridge. A group of goblins traveled to the lower valley to learn of their language, culture, and ways. They learned to speak and read and write and evolved into the sandmen they are today. The sandmen tried to rejoin the goblins, but there were language barriers as the goblins new only how to grunt. A rivalry formed, and the rest is history. To play the game there are two teams: The sandmen and the goblins. The sandmen start at the bottom of the dune and have to make it up to the ridge. The goblins are on the dune and have to prevent the sandmen from reaching the ridge. This is only done by using extreme bodily force aka wrestling in which sand gets in crevices you didn’t even know existed. We played many rounds and it was one of the most extreme sports I have ever engaged in. We were all sweating, panting, with crazed looks in our eyes.
We watched a beautiful sunset and then ate DELICIOUUUUS pizza and then went back to the boys’ house and had a nice, pleasant evening featuring star trek.

Mon, Jan 10. Day 2: drive to Eugene. Stop at fern canyon where Jurassic park and scenes of the ewok forests from star wars were filmed. Hike around, walk on fallen logs, play in the mud. Continue our drive and stay at the lorax – a student co-op in Eugene, OR. The rancid smells, the half finished paintings and obscene graffiti on the walls, the mismatching broken kitchen dishware, the freepile and dungeon area were exactly the same as the co-ops in Berkeley! We felt right at home.

Tue, Jan 11. Day 3: drive to Portland and eat lunch at burgerville. Meet up with Ben lerch, who graciously let us 4 girls crash in his spare room which was 95 degrees because the heater wouldn’t turn off. Went to powells books, then house of vintage, then ate pho for dinner, and had quite an eventful evening at blockbuster. See review of better off dead for more info regarding our new bff the blockbuster employee named David.

Wed, Jan 12. Day 4: wake up, get an authentic cup of stumptown roasters coffee, caffeinating ourselves adequately in order to  explore Portland. More thrift stores, walking around, voodoo doughnuts, a tour of a micro brewery followed by sampling, delicious pizza, dominated a nickel arcade in which we collectively earned over 1000 tickets!!! Went back to ben’s and decided to count and itemize every single thing he owned. His apartment was bare, even the whiteboard on the wall had nothing on it when we arrived so we wanted to see if he was part of the Zen 100 club (people who own only 100 things). We counted 74 categories of things, but 364 individual things but if subtracting all the books, silverware and dishware, it was less than 200. Then we decided what he could have gotten rid of in order to get down to 100. An exciting night, to say the least.

Thurs, Jan 13. Day 5: left Ben’s to drive back to Arcata, stopping at voodoo doughnuts one last time. After a painful deliberation about whether or not to get the coffin special – 3 dozen doughnuts as well as your very own toddler sized coffin, I decided I had to have it, if it was the last thing I ever did. The matter was grave. The doughnuts were to die for. We were worried they might get stale because we were unsure of their shelf life. I then ate 4 doughnuts during the carride, and I feel sick to this day. It killed my appetite. In fact, I’m never going to eat another doughnut again in my life. I don’t want to become morbidly obese. On the drive, the coffin took up the entire backseat, squishing whoever was unfortunate enough to be sitting back there. In short, the coffin was dead weight. The smell of the doughnuts permeated throughout the camry for the rest of the trip and I don’t know if it will ever truly dissipate. The camry is now fondly referred to as the doughnut morgue mobile, where doughnuts come to die. Once in Arcata, we visited the one and only Moogster, who just moved up to Arcata. Had lots of laughs and forced her and her bf to eat doughnuts before we left.

Fri, Jan 14. Day 6: driving back to Berkeley. Celebrating kate and nicks bday tonight. The adventures continue…

One thought on “Girls take pac-NW by storm

  1. Loretta Lynn and Jack White singin’ ’bout Portland, OREGON.

    Well Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz
    If that ain’t love then tell me what is
    Well I lost my heart it didn’t take no time
    But that ain’t all. I lost my mind in Oregon

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