Born to Run

Just finished the book Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall. It was a great book that balanced a captivating story of legendary runners, facts about running, and accounts of a few personalities of America’s best (and strangest) ultra runners. The content was especially interesting to me, as I could relate to feelings of pure love for running. Yet I would recommend this book even more so to people who dislike running because it is written by someone who is not a great runner. The reader who dislikes running may sympathize with the author’s pain, yet also understand how he appreciates running. One of my favorite parts of the book is how he depicts of running as a way of life – and finds the quality of a runner to be intertwined with the quality of a person. Some of the most successful runners incorporate principles of goodness such as being more compassionate and understanding towards others into their training regimen. and surprisingly, it works! At points the  book can be a little corny, but I appreciated the overall sentiment. One aspect I found really frustrating is when McDougall expossd running shoes as harmful rather than beneficial. I get really upset when people don’t have good intentions motivating their actions. The guys who first invented the running shoe of today was presented as being motivated by money, which is ok, so long as there is also intention to better the condition of running. I’m just so upset if the latter intention wasn’t ever there because it is corrupting the art of running – one of the purest forms of enjoyment through movement. If I were to go on and do my own investigative journalism I would try to get to the bottom of that problem, and then ruthlessly expose that villainous man. But anyways, great book. Overall, 9 (out of 10) and 2 thumbs up.

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