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Better off dead

We enter Blockbuster of Portland, OR. We (5 ppl) set out to divide and conquer the store, each of us picking a movie to watch, and then coming to a consensus. After an hour of deliberation we noticed a man lurking behind us. His name was David and he knew something about everything. He had a bizarre bulge in the crotchal region of his khaki pants which we still haven’t figured out if it was a growth or a pillow. He was the blockbuster employee who had overheard our deliberation between Friday, Blue Velvet, Duck, I’m Not There, High Fidelity, and Gonzo. We were struggling to say the least… after an excrutiatingly intricate and highly just selection method in which we laid out the movies on the floor and each pushed 3 movies up a level, and then narrowed it down to 2 and then each revoted for one, we decided on I’m not there. Then we changed our minds to Friday. And then we decided to get both. And then we were paying for the movies our new Bff David suggested Better Off Dead. We were all instantly in unanimous agreement and put I’m not there back. The night had just began…

Literally just finished watching the 80s cult classic, Better Off Dead starring John Cusack in the prime of his life aka 18 years old. All I can say is, wow.
It starts out a little slow… depressing if you will. Lane (john Cusack) doesn’t make the high school ski team, is dumped by his gf, forgets to do his math Hw and even fails at ending his own life. But suddenly a claymation/ stop-motion hamburger montage busts onto the scene, the French Exchange student across the street fixes his car, and the movie takes a turn for the better!
I might even go so far as to say my favorite movie of the night.*****, 3 thumbs up.


One thought on “Better off dead

  1. Rupert Hine was responsible for the soundtrack to Better Off Dead (1985). I like this Rupert Hine song “A Golden Age” from 1983; the video features the artwork of Banksy.

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