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Twin Peaks

On Saturday morning I awoke on the floor of a barren living room – alone and confused. Once I remembered that I was in Kate’s new house had fallen asleep mid conversation with Laura and Kate, and then refused to move because I was cozy in front of the fireplace the night before, I also remembered that Saturday was THE day. THE day that I was going to watch the season finale of Twin Peaks.

The long, arduous journey that began during finals week a month ago was coming to a climactic and apocalyptic end. I was excited and terrified that I was about to come to the end of the road of something so dear to me. The twin peaks universe became a part of my very being; I had dreams of twin peaks, everything in my waking life reminded me of the far off never neverland, the characters were so real – special agent dale cooper was my best friend. Heck, I even went to Donna’s family holiday party!

I don’t want to ruin the series for anyone who hasn’t yet had the privilege to see it yet so I will try to be as vague and general as possible when describing the emotions I experienced following the finale. The premise of the series is a murder mystery surrounding the death of Laura palmer. Yet the plot thickens into organic crunch peanut butter as each characters story is told and the secrets of the Douglas fir woods are unveiled. The battle of good and evil, of love and fear, of honest and deception is taken to a new dimension.

At the end of the series finale, I was sweating (whether the sweat was a result of my sitting in front of the heater on full blast in my hot pink onezie or the actual show is unbeknownst to me). My knuckles were white, my hands trembling, my heart palpitating. I felt weird. I was speechless. I think the ending was the most devastating ending I could have imagined. The epitome of a tragedy. And for that – I loved it. For the sheer power the series had over my entire being, for the strength of the emotions it elicited from the deepest darkest depths of my being, I found it beautiful. Twin Peaks wasn’t just a Tv show. It was a part of me.

R.I.P. Twin Peaks. You are loved and will never be forgotten. Your death is not in vain. Love will conquer all.


4 thoughts on “Twin Peaks

  1. You nailed it. I describe the ending as apocalyptic as well. Although this apocalypse is nothing like a 2012 apocalypse. It’s Lynch’s universe that he has built in the viewer’s minds that comes crumbling, toppling, vaporizing downward. That is the beauty of this combustion. It is a world created by Lynch that is destroyed by us. What really* happens at the end? What really is happening in Twin Peaks right now as you read my comment being typed 21 years after the programs airing? Sure, it’s a fictional town, but it’s a town that exists still in the viewers’ minds. An internal universe not unlike the internal universe Hume describes to be what we live in as we expect the sun to rise tomorrow and for meatloaf to taste like meatloaf each time we eat it. This Humean internal universe of cause and effect presumptions that allows us to live in peace is in our minds just as the Twin Peaks universe is.

    *Of course the season finale isn’t a happy ending. I am not worried in the least about giving away anything to the ignorant viewer who may think we are spoiling. The ending isn’t happy. That’s characteristic of each episode and of David Lynch, so rest assured. It is how this ending won’t be labeled as “happy” that I would never give away. The tragedies are impending in each elongated scene that makes us feel like there is always someone watching or waiting. Someone evil. Tragedy plagues the series from the first episode onwards.

    But to say that the ending is inconclusive or conclusive is falling (always so easily) into a dichotomous discourse. There are things that may be wrapped up, but clearly there are mounds of loose ends. And that is it, that there are finite mounds of them and these mounds encapsulate the piece of art that Lynch created.

    To those who have seen a few episodes and have not finished thinking that it’s not for them, judge not. Like a movie, like a painting, or like a dance, please watch this piece in its entirety to get the full work as intended. But also, this is Lynch’s made for TV work, so do not expect typical Lynchian film similarities either. Let the Twin Peaks universe take over. Do not “go numb,” or “tune out,” but rather allow yourself to be sitting in Horne’s crawl space behind the wall, in the trees with the owls, in the corner of the ceiling in Cooper’s hotel room like the creepy surveillant we all try not to be.

    Despite my lack of ownership of such a tubular device, Lynch reminds me that the television is a museum.

    Jacquie, I must add that I do believe it was the heater-created micro climate that mostly caused the sweat. It was mutual. However, the crumbling world that our imaginations surely induced cannot be free of blame.

  2. Hear you roar indeed. Good stuff. Know how you feel about Twin Peaks, I am pretty wrapped up in Dexter at the moment. Keep that bucket list open and have fun!

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