21 before 21

Call it a bucket list, call it new years resolutions, call it short-term goals, call it having a lot of time in the upcoming year, but whatever you call it, here’s some things I’m hoping to do by the time I turn 21:

1. Be a Yes girl. (see movie Yes Man for more info)

2. Run a 50K (30ish miles).

3. Rock climb. Or at least do something other than run.

4. Do a traithalon.

5. Take a bicycle trip.

6. Draw one picture a week.

7. Pick up the guitar once a week. (do not necessarily have to play it).

8, Relearn how to read for pleasure rather than pain.

9. Cross country road trip. (on a motorcycle?)

10. Go to 2  new countries.

11. Try new cooking recipes, start Vegan cookbook.

12. Clean the bus.

13. Learn how to play bridge.

14. Beat my dad at anything – preferably chess.

15.Attempt to drink a gallon of milk in an hour.

16. Don’t run out of money.

17. Expand my vocabulary.

18. Skydive?

19. Learn how to spin plates on long sticks.

20. Finish watching Twin Peaks!

21.TBD… and open for suggestions

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